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Rich & Laurie Tygerson

Rich & Laurie Tygerson

Experienced, Responsive, Innovative

Rich & Laurie Tygerson

About Rich & Laurie Tygerson
Starting out in 1992 at Cornish & Carey, Rich has provided exceptional service to his real estate clients.  Rich has continuously innovated to stay current, and even ahead of real estate industry trends.  It was Rich’s passion and dedication that inspired Laurie to join him.  

Together, they have created a business model that allows them to offer premier services for home buyers and sellers.  They are innovators in the industry--offering concierge services—such as helping with updates, complimentary staging of properties, and creating premium virtual tours with the highest quality photography.  Listening and responding to client needs have enabled Rich and Laurie to develop reliable marketing strategies to NET thier clients the most money for the sale of thier homes. 

Licensed as a broker, Rich has the added experience of having managed other licensed realtors.  And he has the additional understanding of real estate laws and practices that the broker designation requires.  He also learned that his greatest passion is for serving his clients and helping them accomplish their real estate goals. 

A licensed Realtor also, Laurie has a particular passion for helping people as they make the life transitions that buying and selling property brings about.  She helps Rich getting homes ready for market and coordinates our decorator/stager and virtual tour/printing company and photographers to help create beautiful virtual tours & brochures.  Working as a team assures clients of quick response times and a smoother transactions.  

Together, they deliver superior, high touch, personalized services for a fair commission.  They use the latest technology and marketing uniquely tailored to NET thier clients the maximum financial advantage possible.  Rich and Laurie are experienced, responsive to client needs, and leaders in innovation.  Thier clientele has been built primarily on referrals from happy clients.

Rich & Laurie’s Goal
Rich and Laurie have developed a unique set of expertise, skills, and commitment designed to NET YOU MORE PROFIT!  What also sets them apart is thier availability and desire to help you, as you go through the process. 
There are many reasons that people buy and sell property.  Sometimes it is a move up or an exciting new venture that initiates the call for thier services.  Other times it is the passing of a loved one, or another difficult life change.  Rich and Laurie know that taking care you, and your loved ones is of primary importance as they help you through the process. 

And if all you need right now, is a little advice or guidance, no obligation, give us a call or drop us an email.  The earlier you reach out to us, the more we can do to help.

           Rich & Laurie Tygerson

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